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Social Media Cross Channel Content Strategies & Why you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket

During the past years we have seen a multitude of social media channels rise and fall. The more platforms exist, the harder it gets to connect with multiple target groups through one single platform. In a recent post on Medium, a 19-year-old US student shares how his peers are currently using some of the most popular channels. He lists a total of 12 platforms.

How should a brand be present everywhere yet react in real time and stay authentic?

Without a social media expert who knows the trends, popular platforms and latest apps, it can be a tough decision to make as a company. Many brands still think they have to be on Facebook and Twitter, despite the fact that their target audience is actually spending the majority of their time on Instagram and Whatsapp.

You don't have to be present everywhere as long as you listen everywhere. 

In order to do that successfully you can find a lot of very useful tools out there that a) save you time b) help you be on top of your users’ conversations. Last week, we took a look at Keyhole, which helps you filter conversations based on hashtags and keywords. Another great one is Mention or IFTTT for automating notifications.

How to master matching the right content with the right platform?

At Boom, we like to think about channels like a POS and about content like your package. Would you read a 5 page brochure about shampoo production in a supermarket while you’re grabbing a quick breakfast on your way to work? Probably not. Would you do it on a Saturday afternoon at a local farmers’ market? Most likely yes.

Before jumping on a new platform, make sure to understand which conversations are happening on it and, even more importantly, how its users are communicating. It's a fact that you need to use a different approach for each channel. There are hashtags, which only work on Twitter or Instagram, images that are loved by your Facebook Fans and Vine videos that double your retweets. So make sure to follow this process:

Test-Analyze-React or in better words Share-Listen-Care!