The fantastic four storytellers

Nonprofits are one-upping the private sector through use of creative storytelling on social media. 

The year has just begun and companies all over are working on their creative strategies for 2015. Something new, something that sets them apart and skyrockets profit. Don’t we all want that?

Only a few have really mastered the science of great storytelling through social media. Interestingly, the main competitors of Nike, Red Bull, and co.—companies which invest millions in their strategies—are the ones who usually don’t even have a marketing budget most of the time.

Take a look at those four nonprofits and charities to find out why they master storytellers:

  1. Charity:water

Charity:water is a fantastic example of how to engage users and create a community that is self empowered. Here are some examples of their recent campaign on Twitter and Facebook.


   2. Unicef

Another great example of how to embed powerful visual storytelling in your content strategy is Unicef. They worked with fans and celebrities to build awareness of their latest campaign, #IMAGINE. They are masters in matching the right content to the right social platform. Take a look:


   3. (Red)

(RED) is an organization that re-sells iconic products from companies like Apple and Beats and donates 100% of the money to fight HIV/AIDS. Their content is highly sharable and a visual eye catcher. They love to use User Generated Content (UGC) to increase engagement and make the community part of their social channels. Here are two examples of their Twitter and Instagram channels:

Strive for progress. #Regram @stefankunz

Ein von (RED) (@red) gepostetes Foto am

   4. Amnesty International

No need to explain what Amnesty International is fighting for globally. Besides their moving stories and beautifully curated content, they are also masters of publishing the right content at the right time and becoming part of social media movements. Here are two examples of how they reacted in a timely manner on Twitter and Facebook to the recent terror attacks in France:

 Being a master storyteller is not only a matter of finding the right story.

Here are 4 Golden Rules that can set you apart from the rest by making your story stand out:

1) Involvement 

The greatest story can only come to life if your fans believe in it and feel the desire to support it, share it and stand behind your story. 

2) Timing

Publishing the right content at the right time and including the right message is one of the most important strategic elements of a storyteller. 

3) Context

Each platform is powerful on its own. Decide which content works where, best, and how to connect every storyline. If done correctly, you’ll create a rich experience on social—the real masterpiece!

4) organic

Forget your brand message for a moment. It's about the story. Only when you give your story enough room (by not treating it primarily as a strategic marketing element) will it truly thrive.