Why being present is not everything

Ask yourself these four questions before conquering the next social media platform and you will be right on track:

1) How frequently is my target group using the channel?

It's important to evaluate before adding the next new platform to your social media mix. Take a closer look at your analytics and make sure to follow the market. Recruiting a focus group for instant feedback is also a very effective way. On the contrary, try to adapt to new technologies together with your target group. Are they using Whatsapp or Snapchat? React to it. Moving out of your social media comfort zone can be very powerful and effective. 


2) When are they using it?

Are they starting their day on Instagram and ending it on Vimeo? Do they engage with your content while commuting to or from work? Which platform better fits your content strategy? Think about the right setting you would like to reach your target group in.


3) Do I have enough resources?

Every platform is a little ecosystem of its own. In order to make it work for you, it's important to know its rules & regulations. Make sure you understand whether it is worth investing your resources into a platform that might not be as effective for you. Do you have the manpower to create additional content for the new platform? Can you build a community that interacts and engages with your business? 


4) What role will this platform play in my story?

Think about the story you are already telling. Which role would the new platform play in it? What storyline would live there? How can you add more value? What will your new followers get out of it? For example, KLM airlines is providing their customers with an additional customer service channel via Twitter, responding to questions and helping passengers before, during and after their flights, 24/7, in multiple languages:

These four questions should give you a helping hand when deciding whether to integrate a new channel into your communication strategy or not.