Toolbox #2

It's time to reveal another one of the great tools we love to use at Boom Creative Lab. If you haven't tried out IFTTT until now, we promise this tool will change your life. 

What can it do for you?

IFTTT is an extremely powerful tool to automate all kinds of digital processes. It can help you save time, energy and resources with one single statement: If This Then That

How does it work?

IFTTT consists of a trigger and an action. A trigger always initiates an action. For example, "Taking a picture on Instagram" is a trigger and "share it on Facebook" is the action. In other words, if this (Instagram pic) then that (FB post). A statement like this is also called a recipe. 

IFTTT works for over hundred different channels, ranging from social media to wearables and smart home devices. You have the option to either make your own recipe or pick one that someone else has created and shared. Here are three of our favorite recipes:

Why do we like it?

The first and most important reason is because it helps us save precious time in our daily work. Its versatility and simplicity are another great plus. No matter if we use it via desktop or on-the-go via the app, it's a great user experience. They are also constantly trying to improve their services by adding new triggers and actions to the mix, creating more recipes to choose from. 

Overall IFTTT is a fantastic tool to automate daily tasks and help you save time.