Understanding the full potential of Influencer Marketing

Inspiration is the fuel of the travel industry. How can you inspire travelers to put your destination on the map, book through your platform or use your transportation mode? One of the most authentic ways is through a well planned influencer marketing strategy. That’s what we helped the airline Eurowings and destination management organization SalzburgerLand accomplish this summer.


SalzburgerLand is easily one of the most beautiful regions in Europe—unsurprisingly, its picturesque landscape has been ranked by UK travelers as the most influential reason for a trip out. However, most think of Salzburg as a winter destination! The challenge, then, was to figure out the best way to connect young UK travelers with the region’s idyllic summer and inspire them to book a summer holiday.


We strive to create meaningful connections in a digital world. That’s why we focused on working with the best UK influencers, content creators, and visual collectives to reach and inspire a substantial number of potential travelers. Working with these communities was a new approach—one that could seriously amplify the campaign’s reach.

We had two primary goals for the campaign: to promote the region, and also Eurowing’s direct flight connection between London Stansted and Salzburg. For that reason, it made the most sense to split the #SummerInSalzburg social activation campaign into two distinct phases:

Phase I: Invite two of the most well known UK Instagram travel influencers to inspire their global community to see SalzburgerLand with their own eyes.

Phase II: Spread the word about Eurowings’ direct flights from London Stansted to Salzburg by inviting content creators and founders of visual collectives to explore the city and nearby Zell am See-Kaprun.


The collaboration between the campaign’s partners and two roll-out phases definitely paid off. Never before has SalzburgerLand reached more people on Instagram! Close to 30 posts shared by influencers during and after their trip to SalzburgerLand reached more than 6 million instagrammers. We were able to gain over 190k engagements and a whopping €60k in earned media. With hard work and great partners, #SummerInSalzburg has put the destination on the map for numerous young travelers in- and outside the UK.


One of our specialties at Boom is influencer marketing, particularly in the travel and tourism industry. If you’re interested in finding the right influencers, planning engaging social activation campaigns, and engaging the right audiences, contact us today.