Summer in Gastein - A Full Digital Campaign

We love it when brands bravely step out of their comfort zone. This is what Gasteinertal Tourism did when they decided to hire Boom to create and execute a full digital campaign. 



Famous for its phenomenal skiing and thermal springs, Austria’s idyllic slopes make for an ideal winter destination. If only tourists knew how beautiful it was in summer, too! We faced the challenge: 

How do we position Gastein as a summer vacation getaway and increase bookings during the warmer months?

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At Boom Creative Lab, we firmly believe that tourism brands should prioritize social media in order to engage with their audience. Gastein started out with very little content. Their website was dated, and their online presence needed a complete makeover. 

Our solution was to launch a full digital campaign for the summer. The campaign was a curated blend of engaging content, including a TV spot, website makeover, social media and newsletter marketing, online surveys, a blog, as well as video and photo shoots. 



In only two months, we produced 360 pieces of social content and:

  • Reached 1, 094, 945 people

  • Made 1, 530, 803 impressions

  • Got 21, 370 fans to engage

  • Increased the website visits to 81, 424

Gastein's courage to step out of their comfort zone paid off. Their 500+ new bookings are a testament to the campaign's success. 


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