Beating The Clock

Impact Hub is a collaborative community of over 7000 members around the world, with innovation labs, business incubators and community centers. They supply a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration and collaboration opportunities to grow impact.


The challenge

When Boom Creative Lab was invited to help launch the new Scaling Program, we were met with a particularly arduous challenge:

How do we empower all 8 participating hubs from all over Europe, as well as their social entrepreneurs, only four weeks before the program’s launch?

Every second spent deliberating moved us closer to D-day. The clock was ticking, and it was crucial that the Boom Creative Lab team worked quickly. So, how did we do it? 


the solution


The main goal of phase one was to raise awareness. We provided each hub with content and visuals for an individual web page on its local website. We then asked the hubs to activate 20 members of their team to support a Thunderclap campaign.


When engaging with people through new media, it is essential to stay relevant. As part of the social media activation, each hub received a personalized content package including re-branding, posts, press coverage, and print material for events they would be hosting.


Entirely targeted at branding the program and Impact Hub itself, we used a rather unorthodox word-of-mouth approach.  Local events were hosted for an offline sharing experience. Online, we encouraged the applicants to share their personal stories, which went on to be featured on the Impact Hub Scaling global website.


What we achieved together

The success of the program was tangible. In just two weeks, thanks to the professional collaboration with Impact Hub, 8 web pages and the Scaling Program website went live. In addition:

  • 250k impressions within the first 24 hours of the website launch.

  • 69k users were reached organically through the social media re-branding.

  • 80 pieces of content shared in eight languages via Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

  • 36 social entrepreneurs successfully joined the program within the first three months.

We could go on with the statistics, analytics, how the numbers don’t lie… but truly meaningful results are often hard to measure. 

The Impact Hub Scaling website became the stage for 36 social entrepreneurs, whose stories went on to inspire.

We truly believe that authenticity is the best way to spark positive interest.

The launch of IH Scaling was well planned and targeted to our needs. Lisa Brandstötter was very knowledgable in social media campaigning. I would recommend Boom Creative Lab to anyone needing support in kicking-off online communication of their products or services.

- Alberto Masetti-Zannini, Scaling Program Director, Impact Hub Scaling program

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