Toolbox #4

It's time to open our Boom Toolbox again. By now you already know how to listen to your users, automate tasks to save precious time and analyze your Instagram account. Today we decided to share one of what is sure to be your most valuable tools: Feedly. The official mission of the tool is to deliver in one place all the knowledge and inspiration you need to keep ahead. We couldn't agree more.

What can it do for you?

Because it is powered by RSS, Feedly is an open system: you can add any RSS feed to your Feedly and easily read the content of your favorite feeds on the go. Feedly integrates seamlessly with Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest and LinkedIn so that you can easily share the stories you read in your Feedly with anyone. If you are looking for inspiration, you can open the search panel and browse some of our popular topics and discover the best blogs for tech, business, marketing, entrepreneurship, design and more.

How does it work? 

The interface itself can be altered based on layout, color, and categorization of articles based on sources, likes, and those referred to by other users. Here is a basic list of things you can do:

  • organize your sources into different categories

  • save articles for later

  • get inspired by searching for different keywords and topics

  • share articles via mail and social

  • use the browser extension to save content

Feedly mobile experience

Feedly mobile experience


Why do we like it?

You already know we are a big fan of Feedly. We care about design and user experience. The simple layout and efficient output convinced us at first. After setting up all channels which always takes a bit of time (unless you export your RSS from another reader) we could not imagine our daily work life without it. Give it a try and let us know if it helped you organize your information sources and saved you time. We would love to hear your opinion, too!