The queen of engagement

Within only 4 years, Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media platforms. If you are not on Instagram yet, you should better get going because advertising is about to hit the platform. But that's by far not the only reason why the social channel is so interesting for businesses.

Why should businesses care?

Based on a recent study by Forrester Research, Instagram beats both, Facebook and Twitter when it comes to interactions per post. Instagramers tend to engage 60 times more often with branded content. Why? One reason is, because of the recent trend, that users "leave" their Facebook newsfeed and join groups or switch to Facebook Messenger instead. We have also noticed that users are overwhelmed by all the branded content in their Facebook Newsfeed and therefore got less engaged. Instagram on the other side with it's simple style makes it easy to focus on one photo and one story at a time, leaving room for more interactions.

What can you do with Instagram?

Instagram users spend on average 21 minutes per day on the platform so it's your chance to a great chunk of their attention. How? You can work together with influencers, create your own InstaMeets (an offline event where Instagramers meet up locally) and tell your brand story in a truly engaging way. The key is to focus, stick to your look & feel and show interest. You can also create your own branded hashtag, collect UGC (user generated content) and inspire followers with some great storytelling. You see, there is a lot you can do to capture attention.

How can you use Instagram?

First and foremost make sure your photos look stunning. Look through Instagram's own filters or download a photo app. Invest some time to find your look and feel because this is essential for your success. 

Second, select your hashtags carefully. You have got 3-5 hashtags per post that either get you some attention or not. We recommend the following mix: 1 branded hashtag + 1 very popular hashtag + 1 topic or fun hashtag. For example, you run a dance studio called Streetdance Center. Those are the hashtags you could use for a photo shared on Thursday: #streetdancecenter #dance4life #tbt #move

Third, be as engaging as possible. Respond to each comment. Use emojis (because Instagramers love them) and show some genuine interest. It will pay off and you will end up with a truly loyal community that gets excited about your content.

For more great tips and tricks, take a look at our Slideshare presentation on Instagram Marketing: