Go out. Get followed.

Boom Creative Lab was called on board to help the Austrian province of Salzburg innovate. They had not yet taken advantage of Instagram’s potential to boost awareness.


The Challenge

With a limited budget and lack of resources, it was critical to think outside the box. Boom Creative Lab aimed to not only roll out a full campaign, but to empower SalzburgerLand with the possibilities of New Media. 

We needed to develop and implement a social media campaign that would inspire wonder while also promoting tourism within the region. 


THE Solution

First thing first, we picked a channel most suited to SalzburgerLand's younger target audience. Travelers love documenting their adventures, and Instagram was the perfect fit. 

From there, we developed a campaign strategy with engagement as our top priority. As always, we focused on building meaningful connections between the brand and their audience. And so the idea for user-generated content was born. 

With six themed campaigns from August to January, we inspired local and international Instagrammers to go out and explore the country. Every month we challenged them with a new topic, ranging from #foodlove and #naturelovers to #winterwonderland. Every week we announced the photo of the week and shared it via the SalzburgerLand Instagram channel. We also used existing outlets like the SalzburgerLand newsletter and digital magazine, Pinterest and Facebook to increase reach.

Inspiration is the fuel for everything we do. Come and see for yourself!


The campaign was a resounding social success. In only 6 months we transformed the SalzburgerLand Instagram account from not much at all to a meeting point for over 7000 outdoor lovers. 

  • The total amount of followers went up from 450 to 7033

  • The comments on photos went up by 396%

  • The amount of likes increased by a whopping 1009% to 16 688

  • The amount of photos hashtagged #salzburgerland went up by 156% to 18 143



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