Destination Marketing with Instagram

Nothing compares to someone who is genuinely excited to show off your brand. Combining influencer marketing with event activation, we connected SalzburgerLand’s community, inspired their audience, and generated $20k in earned media for the brand.



After managing SalzburgerLand’s Instagram channel for over a year, we wanted to take their summer campaign to the next level. We needed to curate a digital activation that brought together the SalzburgerLand community in a meaningful way - including audience, local as well as international influencers, sponsors and partners. 



For a destination brand like SalzburgerLand, imagery is everything. It may then be unsurprising that Instagram was our social platform of choice. A good amount of time was put into planning, as it was vitally important to tailor the experience and hand-pick the right influencers

In partnership with another region, we invited ten outdoor influencers with a combined following of 668k and $117k media value to spend three days in the Ferienregion Nationalpark Hohe Tauern.

We invited three international outdoor Instagrammers with a substantial fanbase, and seven homegrown micro influencers. This gave the local crowd an opportunity to leverage their following, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

The activities included everything from a 5am sunrise hike to the sampling of local cuisine. The weather turned out to be rainy, but the adventurous influencers loved the misty climate and took mystical, captivating photos that were shared with the hashtags #SalzburgerLand and #MyInstaWeekend.

Over the course of the weekend, we built a solid relationship between SalzburgerLand and the influencers, who in turn generated high-quality photographic content. We also teamed up with the national tourism board to spread the word even further.

Despite being a single-channel activation, the content was also shared on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat - a testament to how much the influencers enjoyed their experience. 


The weekend’s festivities were shared widely, inspiring many and fostering meaningful connections between SalzburgerLand and their audience, influencers, sponsors and partners. In only one weekend we gathered:

  • 90 social posts


  • $20k in earned media

SalzburgerLand’s overall follower growth increased by 16.3%. The activation was a resounding success, and it has been truly wonderful to work with a tourism brand so ready to innovate. 

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