Toolbox #5

Snapseed is one of the most popular photo-editing apps. Owned by Google it recently underwent a major update and is now one of the best free tools to edit your photos on the go. Whether you want to perform basic image enhancements or get more creative with your editing, the app is a great tool for improving your photos. 

What can it do for you?

Snapseed comes with many different options to enhance your photos but you can also get great results with only a couple of quick edits. The app has a set of nine different tools and 11 filters that let you do almost anything you need to, from cropping, cutting, and retouching to contrast, black & white, and frame effects. Our favorite features are the lens blur and selective tool. Give it a try!

Snapseed Tools
Snapseed Filters


How does it work?

Here is a quick guide how to edit your pics with Snapseed:

  1. After opening an image, access tools and filters by tapping the pen in the top left corner to add and edit. 

  2. Apply the filters and tools you like.

  3. Save the image as a copy in your library and share it with the world.


Two useful tips for you:

  • Snapseed works in stacks so you can always go back and remove previously applied edits

  • Not sure if you are happy with the final result? Tap and hold the icon on the top right corner to compare your final version with the original

Why do we like it?

If you are looking for a universal easy-to-use photo editor, you can’t go wrong with this app. But make sure you have a visual language for your brand or business in place beforehand. We are happy to help you with that. Drop us a line at and let's start the conversation!