Toolbox #3

Iconosquare is one of the leading Instagram analytics and monitoring tools available on the market. The tool, previously known as Statigram, launched in 2011 and was renamed to Iconosquare one year ago, adding additional features to the dashboard. They offer a free version with some helpful basic features we think are a good add-on for every social media toolbox.

What can it do for you?

You can get an overview of all your account activities with one click. Who follows you? What media did you like? It also allows you to search for keywords or hashtags and shows all the results on your browser. Since Instagram is still mobile only, Iconosquare is a neat tool to help you move monitoring and analytics to the browser and save a large chunk of time. 

Boom Creative Lab Iconosquare Dashboard

Boom Creative Lab Iconosquare Dashboard

How does it work?

You go to the platform, log in with your Instagram account and you are all set for the basic functionalities, which are:

  • Followers: All users following your account

  • Liked: All media liked by you

  • My Media: All media uploaded by you

  • Recommended: Other users you might find interesting

You can also upgrade your account starting from 199€, which grants you access to many more features like advanced analytics, benchmarking, Instagram contests and Facebook Apps. 

Iconosquare Hashtag Search

Iconosquare Hashtag Search

Why do we like it?

It helps us move our hashtag research from mobile to desktop and saves us a couple of valuable minutes each day. The "recommended" feature is a nice add-on to find interesting accounts to follow. Even without upgrading, Iconosquare gives you a good overview of your latest activities and helps you stay on top of your Instagram game.


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